The journey toward establishing Little Loon Pediatric Therapy began when the Head family welcomed their first child in November 2019, well before Kayla ever intended to open a private practice. When baby Head was born, nursing did not go as planned, and the mother-daughter dyad quickly found themselves struggling. 

A local IBCLC helped identify early on that the sweet newborn presented with a tongue tie that was likely causing some of their feeding issues. After being told the release would be a magical fix for all of their problems, and having the procedure done, the dyad saw no improvement. It was then that Kayla began to delve deeper into all things tethered oral tissue (TOTs), learning more about the importance of pre- and post- operative therapy, bodywork, and the necessity of a true team approach for optimal outcomes.

Kayla has seen and experienced the benefits of therapy and oral tie releases in herself as well as in her children. Bringing positive change to others through this process is Kayla's motivation behind founding Little Loon Pediatric Therapy.